Individual Account Executive

Reduce bad debt while increasing cash flow

A healthy income flow is the lifeblood of any healthcare facility, which underscores the need of an effective Accounts Executive in medical billing. However, because to the participation of various stakeholders and the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare business, AR may be a drain on healthcare institutions’ resources. Most medical offices are understaffed to manage the multiplicity of backend duties required to minimize expenses, eliminate medical billing mistakes, and enhance cash flow, and as a result, their emphasis on patient care suffers.

At CHB, we have developed the optimal method for providing customer-centric medical accounts executive services, allowing healthcare organizations to discover and manage all sources of revenue leakage.

Our Medical Billing Individual Account Executive Services Cover Your Complete Needs

Our medical accounts executive solutions cover all aspects of medical billing ranging from patient enrolment and eligibility check to coding, billing, accounts reconciliation, and AR collection.

Cash Management

Bad Debt Analysis

Insurance Verification

We help you streamline Individual Account Executive

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