Payment Posting

Increasing the Speed and Efficiency of Your Payment Posting Process

Payment posting is another aspect of medical billing that is very crucial. Our team of experts will post ERAs and EOBs in a timely manner and verify each claim for appropriate payment while our A/R team follows up on any denied or rejected the claim. For any balances left towards the patients’ responsibility, we will send clear patient statements that are simple, easy to read, understandable, and more likely to get paid on time. Patient payments will also get posted and applied in a timely manner.

Our Medical Billing Payment Posting Services Cover Your Complete Needs

Our services are intended to assist you in gaining a thorough grasp of the reasons for denials, the front-end patient collecting procedure, and non-covered treatments. Our services include:

Post Patient Payment

Post Insurance Payment

Track Cash Inflow

Track appropriate payments

We help you streamline payment posting

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