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What are the benefits of outsourcing my medical billing?

By handing over the complex billing process to Certified Healthcare Billing, you can ensure that you are paid quickly and receive the full amount you are owed. The best part? Outsourcing allows you to focus on providing quality patient care, instead of getting bogged down by the hassle of billing on your own.

Is Certified Healthcare Billing HIPAA-certified?


Is Certified Healthcare Billing GSA-certified?


What is needed to start working with Certified Healthcare Billing?

Getting started with Certified Healthcare Billing is a breeze. Once you’ve confirmed that both parties are a perfect match and have signed a billing agreement, all you need to do is provide CHB with the necessary information to kickstart the billing process.

What services are included when you invest in Certified Healthcare Billing?

The investment for utilizing Certified Healthcare Billing to manage your medical billing can vary based on the specific services you need. These services typically encompass medical billing, medical coding, payment posting, patient balance billing, accounts receivable management, contracting, and credentialing.

The exact cost of these services relies on several factors, including the size and complexity of your practice, the number of patients you serve, and the types of insurance plans you accept. Additionally, the level of support and customization you require, as well as any supplementary services like reporting and analytics, can also impact the cost.

How does Certified Healthcare Billing's pricing work?

The pricing structure of Certified Healthcare Billing is primarily based on the percentage of the medical billing and the scope of services rendered.

Does Certified Healthcare Billing offer customer support?

Yes! Certified Healthcare Billing has an available and dedicated support team to assist both providers and their office staff, as well as patients. Support is available from Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time.


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